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Jewish Cultural Center "MENORA" in Armenia, has been implementing a number of cultural and educational programs as a part of the project "Through Culture to Tolerance" for many years.

On 24-th of November, there was the presentation of the "Piano Pieces “in C”" Collection by the Honored Art Worker of RA, composer Willy Weiner, at CAFESJIAN Center for the Arts, Yerevan. The issue is dedicated to the 20-th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Armenia and the activity of Jewish community in RA.

The art of maestro W.Weiner is original and unique in its kind. There have been created a series of classical Jewish orchestral works by him, presented in three albums by the author -  “EXODUS”, “DREAM” and “MY PEOPLE” .

The edited piano collection includes 15 pieces from these albums, arranged for piano by the author, edited by the Honored Artist of RA, International competition prize-winner and Professor of Komitas Yerevan State Coservatory, Mrs. Anahit Nersisyan, as well as a CD recording of her performance. This edition is intended for the students of piano departments of music 10-years-schools, colleges and conservatories, as well as for the concerting pianist.

The score collection edition and the release of the CD are state order productions of the Ministry of Culture of RA. Mr. Willy Weiner was awarded a Diploma by Mrs. Sona Harutyunyan, Head of Department of Contemporary Art, Ministry of Culture of RA “for significant contribution in the fields of development of Armenian classical music, establishment of tolerance via universal values, as well as on occasion of the 30-year jubilee of his creative activity”.

This edition is donations to conservatories, colleges, other music schools and libraries both in Armenia and Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Israel and other countries, in accordance with the basic idea of the project, i.e. - spreading principles of tolerance through the language of art.

Armenian and Jewish Diasporas in each of these mentioned countries have a long history and tradition.

In March-April 2012 concerts are planned with the same program at the P.Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory and N.Rimsky-Korsakov Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory …

"Through Culture to Tolerance" Project has important cultural meaning and promotes awareness and understanding among the peoples who live not only in Armenia, but also far beyond.

Artistic director of the Project,
Vice-President of JCC "MENORA" in Armenia
Armen Arnautov - Sargsyan





The offered collection of piano pieces is a result of the creative collaboration of two renowned musicians, composer Willy Weiner, Honored Art Worker of RA, and pianist Anahit Nersisyan, Honored Artist of RA, International competition prize-winner.
There are still fresh impressions in the memory of Yerevan audience of the bright, festive concert where Symphonic-Jazz Orchestra of the Public TV and Radio of Armenia conducted by composer Yervand Yerznkyan, Honored Art Worker of RA, performed W.Weiner’s best orchestral compositions. They still remember the rich panorama of images and emotional states, vivid artistic uniqueness of melodies and rhythms created by the composer. What is more important -  emotional openness and cheerfulness of the compositions induced Anahit Nersisyan to offer the composer to cooperate and to find new ways of their representation and performance - in the form of distinctive piano pieces. Thus, the author created a cycle of 15 piano pieces edited by A.Nesisyan.
It is well-known that piano repertoire is one of the vitally important factors of the musical environment for the formation of a pianist. And, certainly, such kind of editions come to promote its enrichment. Fresh intonations of the national folklore in combination with the harmonic elements of modern thinking, stylization of timbres, diversity of genres served in very simple and natural forms  reveal the composer`s bright and versatile world. Here one can find everything - nostalgic recollections (“Memory”, “Creation”, “Life Is Useless”, “Ascension”, “My People), historical themes (“Exodus”, “Queen Esther’s Dance”, “MACCABI”, “Jacob's Lily”), sketches from everyday life (“Nice Mistake”, “Yerevan Samba”), lyrical landscapes (“Autumn Leaves”, “Moon Waltz”) and  musical portraits (“An Old Organ-Grinder”, “Small Ballerina”).
Due to the clarity of interpretation, simplicity and resilience of compositional forms and in addition a rich musical material, this cycle of piano pieces will become very useful for the musical instructors of piano classes, and will help them to get rid of existing figurative sound stereotypes which are one of the shortcomings of today’s instruction.

Professor  Irina Zolotova,
Art Critic, Doctor of Science


The score collection edition and the release of the CD
are state order productions of the Ministry of Culture of RA
Collection's Editor-in-chief Armen Arnautov - Sargsyan
Musical editors Anahit Nersisyan, Margarit Kanayan
Design by Armen Kyurkchyan

Event organizers
V.Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatory
Jewish Cultural Center “MENORA” in Armenia


Copyright © by V.Saradjishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire 2011
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